Is there an ongoing subscription cost?

There is no requirement to maintain a subscription. We allow you to create your Will, get it exactly the way you want it with one year of unlimited updates, print it and sign it, all for $49.95 with nothing else to pay. There is no automatic subscription and nothing to cancel. At the end of this first year, you can choose to maintain an account and if you pay year-by-year this is $11.95 per year.

If you choose not to maintain a subscription this is fine - you will never have to repay for any service. You could for example return after 10 years and reactivate the account. $11.95 would give you another year of updates from the date of payment (you don't pay for the 10 years that passed). And this payment covers ALL of the services on your account (Will, PoA, Living Will etc). You could also order a multi-year bundle that works out to about $3 per year: 5 years is $29.95, 10 years is $34.95, 25 years is $74.95 and a Lifetime of unlimited updates for all of the services on your account is $124.95.

We have been in business for over 20 years, and this small fee allows us to ensure that we will still be there to service you in another 20 years. If you never need to make an update, $49.95 is all you will ever pay. We feel that our payment structure is better value than some competitors who force you to pay for a lifetime account even if you never need to update your Will.