Is the LifeLocker service a one-time payment, or do I have to maintain an account?

In order to use the online LifeLocker and the keyholder process, your account would have to be active. We do not maintain your LifeLocker in perpetuity if there is no activity on the account, unless you add time to extend it.The Lifelocker service works the same way as the other services; it is enabled all the time your account is active with us. If you choose not to renew your account with us, you are able to print your LifeLocker document and this will continue to serve you for as long as you wish. But if you want to be able to make updates online, and grant access to your LifeLocker to your keyholders, then you would have to keep your account active. This can be done either yearly at $11.95, or multiple year bundles:
5 year        $24.95
10 year        $34.95
25 year        $74.95
Lifetime     $124.95
This active account applies to all of the documents on your account. So for example, if you had a ten year account, you would be able to make unlimited updates to your Will and Power of Attorney, but also maintain your LifeLocker and MyVault service.
However, if you choose not to maintain your account, you can always print off the LifeLocker book and store this with your Will, so your data would not be permanently lost.