I have property in the US or overseas, can I use your service?

We generally recommend that you prepare a Will for each country in which you hold assets. If you are living in Canada, and you have assets in Canada, then you should use our standard Will writing service called MyWill to cover those assets.
If you also own property in the US, or the UK, you can use our Expat Will service to write a separate Will to cover that property. The two Wills would then complement each other and work together to cover your entire estate.
It is important that you use a Will writing service specifically designed for this situation. Any standard Will writing service includes a full revocation clause that cancels (revokes) all previous Wills. Our Expat Will service states that it is dealing exclusively with assets in that jurisdiction and does not revoke any Wills written to cover assets held in another jurisdiction. Also our Expat Will service only covers assets, and so omits other general Will clauses like guardians for children, that will be covered in your main Will.
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