I thought this was a free service. Why would I use this when other services are free?

We know that some confusion can arise, because people type "Free Will service" into Google, and often, Google present us as one of the first placements in the search results. It is natural therefore for the searcher to assume that our service is free.
We certainly don't try to give the impression that it's free, and we hope that people don't assume that there is no charge . We publish our prices on our prices page here:
We actually recommend that people don't use a free Will service because they can only be offered in one of three ways:
1. It's a very poor service. It hasn't been created with a legal team, it offers no support, is not kept up to date and the final document probably wouldn't go smoothly through the probate process.
2. It claims to be free, but then charges your credit card automatically every month.
3. It sells your personal data to other businesses like insurance companies and pre-paid funeral homes.
We don't do any of these things.
When you are choosing a Will service, the best option is rarely the cheapest. The following are reviews of other services:
free Will service
will service reviews
We regard ourselves as a reputable company with over 800 five star Google reviews. We do charge for our service, but this covers the costs of our legal team, support team, and development team to bring you the best service possible, for the fairest price.