How do I create a mirror Will?

To create the spousal Mirror Will you would firstly logout of your account. Then set up a new account by going here.

If you have already paid for a service on your account, you have a 40 percent discount code that can be passed onto the second account. This discount code can be used for any purchase. It does not need to match the purchase made on your account.
There is no transferring of data from one account to another. Our current position is that we recommend that each person step through the service so that they fully understand what is going into their Will. Stepping through the service a second time, should only take about 15-20 minutes, and it ensures that both people have entered their information and understood their appointments and distribution of their estate. Our feeling is that if everything is pre-filled for the second person, we are writing their Will for them and they may not fully appreciate the full contents of their Will. There are also legal implications for us entering the information on behalf of the account holder.
If you are working on both Wills from the same computer, please make sure that you completely logout of one account before logging in and working on the other account. You cannot have both accounts open at the same time, because the system can get confused.