I have a Groupon voucher, but it's asking me to pay

If your account is already set up and you have a User ID and password, but your services are not enabled, it is possible that the Groupon voucher was not applied correctly. You can still do this.
Login to your account with the User ID and password, and then once you have logged in click on Upgrades.
Select either on one year or five year account, then scroll down and select the services that you purchased with the deal (either the MyWill with MyLifeLocker, or the MyWill, MyPowerofAttorney and MyLivingWill). 
Scroll further down the shopping cart options and you will see a space asking you to enter a reference code if you have one. In this space, enter your 8 letter Groupon voucher (you can find this by logging into Groupon and viewing your purchased Groupons).
Click Apply, and then it is important to step through the entire payment process, even selecting your method of payment. Although the shopping cart total is zero, there may be sales taxes to pay. 

Once you have stepped entirely through the payment process, the services will be added to your account.