Can I write a Will for my parents or somebody else?

Yes, if your parents or the person that you are writing the Will for is still competent enough to know and understand their Will, then you can step through the process on their behalf.
You can create an account using anybody's first and last name, and use your email address. You would create a unique User ID and password for each person. You can then step through the service on the other person's behalf, answering the questions. You would then download and print the final document.
The testator (the person for whom the Will is written), must have the capacity to know that they are signing their Will, and the implications of this. They must read and understand the document, and then sign it in the presence of two adult witnesses who are not beneficiaries in the Will. Once they have signed it, and the witnesses have signed, then it becomes their legal Last Will and Testament.
You can go through the process either in their presence, or we also have a form that you can use to gather answers, to later enter the information into the service. This form is available below.

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