Can I name a guardian for children through this Will service?

Yes. If you have young children, it is very important to write your Will, as it the only place in which you can name a guardian for your children. Without a guardianship appointment in your Will, the decision will be left to a judge in the family courts, who will make the appointment on your behalf.
As you step through our service, you will be prompted to identify any children that you may have, and note their ages.
Within our service you will be able to name a guardian for each child, and also state the reasons for this appointment. You will also be able to name a backup or alternate appointment.

If you have minor children, they will not be able to receive an inheritance until they are adults. So with our service you will be able to create a trust for any minor beneficiary. This allows you to not only create a simple trust, but also specify ages at which the child will gain access to portions of the fund.
The trust would be managed by the Executor of the estate, who will work together with the guardians to protect the interests of the child.


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