I purchased a Groupon voucher, how do I redeem it?

Firstly, do not worry about any expiration date. This is imposed by Groupon, but we honour any voucher even if it has passed its expiry date.
Before you redeem your Groupon purchase, you will need your 8 letter voucher code. You should be able to find this by logging into your Groupon account and viewing previous purchases. It is not your order number, which has numbers in it. You need your voucher code, which is 8 letters e.g. WHDTEGWT.
There are two different offers available through Groupon. Both include the Last Will and Testament, the Power of Attorney and the Living Will service, but one included one year of unlimited updates to the document, the other included five years of unlimited updates to your documents.
For the one year deal, please go to
For the five year deal, please go to
This page has been created specifically to allow you to set up your account at LegalWills.ca and redeem your 8 letter voucher code, for example TWHDGETF.
You will still have to completely step through the payment process, even though your shopping cart will be zero, because Provincial Sales Tax will need to be added to your purchase.
Once you have stepped through the payment process, your account will be set up, and the services will be enabled on the account. You will now have a unique User ID and password that you can use to return at any time to complete your documents.