Can I use this service if I already have an existing, previous Will?

You may have a Will from many years ago, that may even be stored with a lawyer. It may be logistically difficult or awkward to retrieve this previous Will, so what would happen if you prepared a new Will using our service?
Legally, you can only have one Last Will and Testament. This is determined by the signing and dating of each document. The most recently signed, dated and witnessed document is your legal Last Will and Testament.
All of our Wills start with a revocation clause. Each Will states that
"I HEREBY REVOKE all former wills, codicils and other testamentary dispositions made by me."
In plain English, this means that by writing this Will you are cancelling all previous Wills that have been written by you.
If you have a Will already prepared, it is a good idea to destroy those previous documents. It's generally not recommended to have multiple versions of your Will, which may cause some confusion at the time of probate. But even if multiple Wills were presented to a probate court, the most recent document would be accepted, and all others would be ignored.
If you cannot gain access to your previous Will, the document will be automatically cancelled as soon as your new Will is signed, dated and witnessed.
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