Do you send out a printed or hard copy of the final Will?

We typically do not mail the documents to you, most people print them at home. To download and print the Will you should;
•             Go to
•             Click on Member Login in the top right hand corner
•             Enter your User ID and the password you used when setting up the account (if you cannot remember this, please let us know and we will re-set it for you).
•             Once you are at your member home page, scroll down and click on MyWill
•             To make changes to your Will click on “Create or Modify your Will”
•             To print your Will click on “Download your Will (PDF file)”
•             Click on “download small line spacing”
•             Select open with Adobe Acrobat Reader
•             Select File > Print.
By downloading and printing your own Will, you are able to make updates whenever you need to. Each time you make a change, you must download and print a new Will and sign that document in the presence of two witnesses.
We do optionally have a service for printing and mailing the Will, but there is a small charge for this. You can order it from your member home page by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on “document print and ship". We will then send the document out to you, printed on acid free parchment paper and bound in a custom folder.